Establishing a company

  • Given the complexity of the administrative system in BiH, we decided to offer a complete time-saving service on a turnkey basis, during the process of establishing a company.
  • - We deal with statutory changes such as: change of main office address, executives and other authorised representives, name of the company, amendments concerning the company activities, etc. We also perform the activities in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy.
  • We create business plans
  • We obtain the necessary specialized/special licenses, on your behalf

Accounting and tax consulting services

  • Regular financial accounting and annual fiscal reports and statements;
  • Monitoring complex tax regulations and proposing adequate tax solutions.

Visas, work and residence permits

  • Representation of foreign nationals in the procedure of obtaining work permits to work at the territory of FBiH;
  • Representation of foreign nationals in the procedure of obtaining residence permit;
  • Representation in the process of obtaining a short-stay visa (C Type - 90 days);
  • Representation in the process of obtaining a long-stay visa (D Type – more than 90 days). D Type visa allows entry and stay in BiH for a period of 180 days during one year, with possibility of applying for a temporary residence permit.

Business consulting and market research

  • We facilitate the procedure of placing the products and/or services into the market in BiH with comprehensive market and legal research. Also, we offer foreign markets research for products or services that legal entities from BiH wish to export.

Translation services (certified translator)
(sudski tumač)

  • Interpretation and translation services (foreign languages to local language and vice versa), including the court translation certification procedure.

Branding and marketing

  • Corporate identity designing, website development, complete technical support (domain, hosting, e-mail), marketing, social media marketing, targeted advertising campaigns, mobile advertising, SMS advertising and notification services.

HR services

  • Recruiting
  • NDA drafting (non-disclosure agreement)
  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Preparation of monthly reports


  • Certification by the relevant independent organization in relation to the compliance of regulatory rules, quality and safety, processes, products, systems or employees.

Additional administrative services

  • Official letters
  • Pro forma invoices
  • Electronic payments

Intellectual property

  • Patent applications, industrial design applications, trademark applications and geographical indications
  • Intellectual property consulting

Insurance claim

  • Facing the insurance damage? We'll help you expedite the insurance claim process!



Freelance services

  • Money and time saving
  • Assistance in submitting job applications to legal entities (open call)
  • Settling tax obligations on your behalf

Administrative and technical services:

+ Registering official main office address in the city center

+ Receiving calls

+ Scanning, copying and printing

+ Receiving and forwarding e-mail

+ Maintaining the documentation

+ Maintaining the cash register

+ Providing the conference room space

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